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Gift Guide for Dapper Dads

Father’s Day is coming up and you may be at a loss of words for what you can buy your dad. There are so many options whether it be sporting equipment, a trip abroad, or a nice dinner somewhere. However, you may be restricted due to the budget you have set or you simply have a picky father. You want this gift to be impactful and to be put to good use, which is why you can never go wrong with accessories. They can be used for years to come and they will have a sentimental value attached to them since you gave it to him. Everyone could use a nice watch. Whether he prefers an opulent stainless steel chronograph...

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The 2019 Guide to Summer Polos

Step into on-trend polos this summer season. Designed with short sleeves, they are ideal for warm weather and can transcend occasions. Often seen on the golf course or out on the patio, polos are an inevitable wardrobe staple. Since they are the perfect blend of formal and casual, they can be worn as a statement piece or styled underneath sport coats. While it may be a safe option to gravitate towards neutrals, here are a few trends that will help elevate your style game this season. Neon and pastels are show stopping hues that will stop anyone in their tracks. Choose statement polos in traffic light yellow, baby pink, or even turquoise to add a pop of visuals to your...

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How to Style a Sport Coat

The sport coat is a versatile wardrobe staple that comes in various designs. It can be worn in casual settings, yet still elevate an ensemble with its refined tailoring. They are even crafted in different textiles and finishes to suit individual preferences. Whether you prefer a dapper tweed look or a crisp linen aesthetic, there is a jacket for you. As a result, here are a few tips to help you add a sport coat to your daily life. Brands like Jack Victor have started offering a wide variety of sports coats in their new Spring/Summer collections. You can wear almost anything underneath a sport coat. For a casual day out with friends, wear a t-shirt or a polo to...

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Key Tuxedo Trends for this Spring & Summer

Tuxedos are always a great option when you need to attend a formal event. When they are tailored to suit your frame and selected in the right colour, it can truly elevate your personal aesthetic. Since it is graduation and wedding season, it is time to take on new trends that will enliven your appearance. Whether you are a guest at these events or at the centre of attention, these are the main trends you should consider for this season.   Navy blue and black tuxedos are often the typical options, but it’s time to expand upon your palette. This season, various patterns and colours dominated the runway whether it be stripes, plaid, or soft pastels. For those who prefer...

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How to Elevate Your Formal Look with Accessories

Never underestimate the power of a good accessory because one final touch can truly transform your ensemble. Male celebrities continue to show up to red carpet events in vibrant colours and unconventional silhouettes. Whether it be Timothee Chalamet embracing the harness or Chadwick Boseman’s entrance in metallic embroidery, men are experimenting with style more than ever. Taking inspiration from these daring gentlemen, here are a few simple ways you can use accessories to elevate your ensemble. Bow ties and ties are as traditional as you can get, but you can change it up by choosing those with decadent floral patterns or metallic hues. While you may feel more comfortable with neutrals, a bold piece can accentuate your entire outfit and...

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