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Guide to Back-to-School Style

Autumn is upon us, which means it's time to go back to that collegiate way of life. It’s time to leave behind the swim trunks and the dress shirts you wore for your internship in favour of casual basics. Between expert layering and tailored looks, these are the essentials you need to integrate comfort and style into your fall look.   Athleisure is here to stay, which means t-shirts are made for statements. Whether you want a bold pattern you can wear with a pair of jeans or a solid hue to pair with your favourite trousers, it’s the wardrobe basic that can do it all. Slogans and logos are all the rage at the moment, which means you can...

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How to Perfect the Business Casual Look

Whether you are about to enter the workforce or attending a formal event, it is important to master the business casual look. The way you present yourself on these occasions can be representative of who you are and determine how others perceive you. While you don’t want to look too overdressed, looking like a slob can be even worse. Therefore, here are a few tips that will help you merge formal elements with casual basics to help you achieve this look. This may seem too easy, but simple is often better. Stock up on a few tailored sports jackets, preferably one in a neutral and another with a bold pattern. This ensures that you can look refined in an understated...

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How to Dress for a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are dreadful for dressing, especially if it is an outdoor one. They tend to be formal events, which often means you need to don a suit. That means layers, which translates into sweatiness and that makes it difficult for you to look your best. While a three-piece suit may seem to be out of the question, these few tips will help you remain dapper and ensure that you can breathe throughout these breathtaking events.   The fabrication and design of garments can make all the difference. While luxurious fabrics such as linen and silk cost more, these are breathable fabrics that do not cling to your skin and helps you maintain your body temperature accordingly. A sport coat...

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How to Dress for Beach & Pool Days

Stay dapper this summer as you lounge by the beach or pool to cool off or to relax. Everyone knows the sun can make it difficult to remain stylish since maintaining an appropriate body temperature becomes much more of a priority. However, you can stay cool and be on-trend with the right mindset and the following tricks to help you along.   Choose a polo or a tank top in a breathable material since long sleeves just add an unnecessary layer between your skin and the sun that will make you unnecessarily sweaty. Be mindful that the type of fabric you wear matters too since heavy fabrics such as wool insulates body heat, while synthetic fabrics such as polyester tend...

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How to Wear Summer Colours

Stand out this summer with a pop of colour to your ensemble. Prints and patterns can be a little bold, which is why striking hues can lend individuality to your wardrobe basics. While neutrals are often the safe and timeless choice, bright colours can truly help make a statement. Whether you are at the beach or on a patio, here are a few pieces to make you more daring this season.   Sport shirts are what you get when you merge casual elements with formal accents. This preppy wardrobe staple can be elevated with a blazer on top or worn as a standalone piece. They come in a variety of colours that can be worn for any occasions. Opt for...

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