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A Gentleman’s Guide to Sneakers


Athleisure is no longer just a trend, but a lifestyle that influences every facet of culture. Casual dressing has been elevated ever since street style has made an immense impact on the runways. It has become the norm to merge high fashion with understated pieces, which is why sneakers are now coveted accessories. While this obsession used to belong to a subculture of sneakerheads, it is seen on every fashion blogger and editor. Since there is a fine line between subdued looks and looking sloppy, here are some on-trend ways to incorporate sneakers into your wardrobe.

When you are wearing minimalist luxury sneakers such as those of Givenchy, opt for bolder pieces. Think of the neon bomber jacket in your closet or the floral print Hawaiian shirt. If you are wearing your crisp off white sneakers or sleek black leather runners, they can add a pop of visuals to your ensemble. A pair of rugged blue jeans can also lend a vintage vibe to your outfit if you prefer an edgier look. For more dapper dressers, a nice blazer in a rich colour such as burgundy can do the trick.

Your classic sports sneakers that are reminiscent of the ‘90s such as the Jordans can make an appearance at last. They were essentials for hip hop and sports fans everywhere, but have now gone mainstream. Since they embody the spirit of street style, add a pair of tapered jeans with loose t-shirts to this outfit. Sweatshirts and chambray button-downs are also welcome to lend some cohesiveness.

High tech sneakers such as Yeezys have made the woven aesthetic and bold platforms the norm. They are the definition of daring footwear and are the ideal accessory to go with structural pieces such as asymmetric tunics and low crotch joggers. Muted hues are often suggested since these type of shoes are statement pieces on their own.