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Z Zegna: Athleticism Meets Sophistication

Z Zegna suits

Z Zegna elevates athleticism to sophistication so that the modern gentleman can showcase his strong sense of comfort and elegance. This season is about striking bomber jackets, artisanal wool coats, and hoodies that will make an impression wherever you go. Quality has always been Z Zegna’s specialty, which resonates with the brand’s persistent and humble origins.

Ermenegildo Zegna had a dream that he could produce the most beautiful fabrics in the world. At the age of 18, he set out to create his own wool mill, the Lancificio Zegna. His company would grow and have many innovations. They were one of the first companies to source high quality materials and natural fibers that were derived from their native home country, Italy. They also considered marketing an important aspect and invested resources into campaigns for such.

He had a sense that in order to achieve excellence, he must have control over all aspects of his business. He owned a farm in Australia, mills in Italy, and even fabric cutting factories in Switzerland. However, Zegna did not just become a successful businessman. He also gave back to his community in several ways. He built the meeting hall, a library, a gym, and even a resort in his hometown of Trivero.

The brand has grown and diversified to include accessories and continues to sell fabrics in their stores. Z Zegna continues this tradition, despite its modern flair to menswear. A combination of beautiful wool coats and sporty bomber jackets is a call to Ermenegildo Zegna’s vision for modernity and refinement.