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Wedding Suits: Dressing Without Upstaging the Groom

Weddings are formal events that become a defining moment in someone's life. Therefore, it's important to pay your respects and dress appropriately for the occasion. Most of all, you want to look sophisticated without taking any attention away from the couple. Unless the bride and groom have made it a black tie affair, you should only opt for a simple suit as opposed to a tuxedo. Here are some options to choose from for a fresh look for the day without making it all about you.

This brown Z Zegna suit is minimalist without being completely understated. Weddings call for dark formal colours and this ensemble adheres to them without being drab. The outfit includes a brown suit jacket and black dress pants to provide a subtle contrast that emphasizes their distinct qualities without being too idiosyncratic. Elegant and refined, Z Zegna has been creating stylish suits for all occasions.

Jack Victor is a native Montreal brand that has become iconic in its own right. This blue pinstripe suit is every bit ornate and unique. Blue is a common colour that manages to elevate any suit to high attention without being too conspicuous. Simply wear a white dress shirt underneath and pair it with a pink or purple tie for a polished finish.

People often underestimate a good powder blue suit, particularly this Jack Victor Suit. This suit jacket will look charming with a pair of white dress pants. While it is always a good rule to not wear white to a wedding, the suit jacket will even out what you have at the moment. Light colours have never been more serene than for an outdoor wedding.