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Tiger of Sweden Suits


Prominent men require striking suits to exude their power and sophistication. Tiger of Sweden produces suits that do just that and more. Seen on celebrities and professional athletes like Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson, and Henrik Lunqvist, it’s the brand that A-list men turn to for a little dash of dapper. To get red carpet ready, Tiger of Sweden has created suits for all occasions and maintains a touch of minimalism so that you are prepared for anyone or anything you may encounter.


Black suits are the classic choice for just about anyone. Tiger of Sweden tailors the lapels to elegance so that the cut is fitted to your body and only uses high-quality materials so that you can wear the suits for other occasions. Whether you prefer soft or rustic materials, there are black suits for any occasion. Ideal for that wedding you have to attend or the bankers and lawyers with an important meeting.


Navy is a close second option as it is still sophisticated and is for those who want to change it up. Specter and dapper, the suit is seen on suave men like James Bond and White Collar’s Neal Caffrey. It doesn’t hurt that Tom Hiddleston’s character in The Night Manager always dons navy blue suits whether he is fighting for his life or charming those around him. Navy is the refined choice for those looking to change things up.

Pinstripes and checks are more difficult to please, but they are often seen on Christian Bale, David Beckham, and Chris Pine. The right tie can do wonders, not to mention a good tailor that ensures the suit fits correctly with your body. Play it up with polka dots, or a light colour tie to showcase your dapper qualities. You will be on the road to A-list stardom in no time.