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The Sabbatical: Work to Weekend Attire

Work to Weekend Attire

Work can be quite tumultuous with impending deadlines and constant meetings. You start to think about the weekend and the fun you can have with friends. Patios, barbecues, dinners, and the beach come to mind. These events are sentimental in their own way and require the proper clothes that you can leave the office in on a Friday evening. Whether you are attending a close gathering or taking a breath of fresh air, there are items that will keep you suave and dapper.

34 Heritage Blue Denim Shirt

The 34 Heritage denim dress shirt is bound to get you into the mood for the final Friday grind. The grey Riviera dress pants are a sophisticated piece to include in your ensemble so that it is comfortable, but remain appropriate for work. A pair of nice sneakers or dress shoes can do wonders for this look.

Di Nero Grey Shirt

Casual nights with friends require these Maroon Hugo Boss Comfort Fit Jeans and the Di Nero Grey Shirt. The pop of colour will make you stand out without the vulgarity of red, while the shirt is an appropriate work piece that can accompany you to internal meetings or even lunch with colleagues.

Pink Hugo Boss Polo

Polos are classic items that each man should have in his wardrobe. They’re soft to the touch, but can be dressed up for formal events and be stylish pieces for a casual day out. This pink Hugo Boss Polo will embody your personality and give you the uplift that you require to go about your day in happiness.