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The Guest's Guide To Wedding Survival


Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or you suffer from incurable cynicism, once you hit a certain age, wedding season becomes unavoidable. It starts with one innocent early-bird invitation and ends with the outbreak of multiple wedding fever. There's stress you didn’t plan for and the temptation to cope with it all by channeling the bride’s uncle by tumbling face first after one too many jaunts at the open bar. Despite awkward toasts, drunken mishaps and the very real possibility of witnessing a bridezilla meltdown, surviving the season of frenzied nuptials is something everyone is capable of with a few tried and true tips.

RSVP thoughtfully: With the pile of wedding invitations, comes the pressure to attend every single one. Consider what your relationship is with the couple. Are you going to truly share in their happiness? Ask yourself if you can afford it. Will attending give you perpetual frown lines and a post-wedding obsession with Botox?

Dress well & shop smart: From black-tie to beach chic, wedding wardrobes can get varied and expensive. Invest in a few key pieces and switch them up with accessories for a fresh, reinvented look. If you find it impossible to wear the same thing more than once, be smart & take advantage of sales and discounts.


Be mindful of the event you’re attending: The epitome of awkward is showing up at a wedding with your three toddlers in tow and finding out that the event isn't kid-friendly. Stay classy, ask the right questions and avoid being the centre of unwanted attention.

Less (stress) is best: Being a wedding guest can be absolutely stressful. From buying the right gift to attending pre-wedding parties, working weddings into your time and budget can be a doozy. Take a deep breath and remember you’re there to have fun. Take it all in stride and bring a plus one who makes you laugh. If you’re flying solo, light up the dance floor with those moves that you swore you’d only ever do in your kitchen. Be open to all the contagious joy around you. Enjoy it for what it is and you just might make it home with a good war story or two.