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The Always Dapper Black Coat

The black coat is a classic wardrobe staple that each man needs to own. It transcends day to night seamlessly and it’s a versatile piece that offers an elegant quality to each outfit. In fact, this characteristic makes it an economical option since men no longer have to purchase several coats for different occasions. Therefore, the following black coats will give you an idea of what you can wear for any event or climate.

Black Coat

The Moose Knuckles Parka will keep you warm through harsh winters. It’s a Canadian sportswear brand that create coats for those who lead an active lifestyle. Inspired by Canada’s obsession with hockey, the coat is 74% cotton and 26% nylon to ensure durability and can keep anyone warm during -40 degree weather.

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The quintessential top coat will make you the envy of everyone at boardroom meetings and dinner parties. Tiger of Sweden and Ted Baker sell some good quality black top coats that can be worn with ease. You will be emulating Harvey Specter from Suits and Neal Caffrey from White Collar immediately.

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The black fleece coat is for the man who goes on a run each morning and can even be a stylish piece for a casual day out with friends. It goes well with a pair of blue jeans along with a casual dress shirt or polos underneath. Lipson and Di Nero have the best dress shirts that will go well with the black fleece coat.