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Key Tuxedo Trends for this Spring & Summer

Tuxedos are always a great option when you need to attend a formal event. When they are tailored to suit your frame and selected in the right colour, it can truly elevate your personal aesthetic. Since it is graduation and wedding season, it is time to take on new trends that will enliven your appearance. Whether you are a guest at these events or at the centre of attention, these are the main trends you should consider for this season.


Navy blue and black tuxedos are often the typical options, but it’s time to expand upon your palette. This season, various patterns and colours dominated the runway whether it be stripes, plaid, or soft pastels. For those who prefer an understated look, pinstripes are the simplest way to add a dash of visuals. If you are feeling a little more daring, a baby pink suit, a lilac purple, and even a sky blue can lend a pop of color to the occasion among the sea of neutrals.


Rejoice the oversized silhouette this season. Boxy jackets with a billowy shape have become the norm. This ‘80s-inspired trend has made a comeback due to its emphasis on comfort and expert tailoring. In order to not look sloppy, choose a jacket that has sharp or padded shoulders and drape your body in a linear formation. While everyone is opting for a fitted jacket, embrace this geometric approach.


The three-piece suit may seem like the worst option, especially in the summer heat. Provided that you aren’t attending an outdoor wedding or going to a tropical destination, this might be the ideal option for you. The added vest can make any traditional tuxedo look refined if you desire a more vintage ensemble. In fact, this is the most versatile ensemble ever because you can take off your jacket and still look dapper.

No matter your personal style, any of these trends are a fresh take on the tuxedo.