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James Bond: Lessons for Sleek Gentlemen

Club Uomo - Lessons From James Bond

James Bond is the most iconic literary and cinematic character in the world. Known for his suave style as much as his sharp mind and fighting power, his looks have been replicated for decades. Despite the constant physical danger he experiences, he is always seen in a tailored suit that is accessorized for all occasions. Established for his dashing ensembles that are appealing in colour scheme and aesthetic, here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to achieve your most dapper look.

Always on the move and on the most dangerous missions, James Bond sticks to versatile neutrals when selecting his suits. He is most often seen in black, grey, navy blue, beige and even white so that he can transcend all occasions to achieve his goal. Whether he needs to sneak into a gala or blend into back alleys to fight criminals, he is always looking his best without breaking a sweat.

While he rarely gets time off, he still adds formal elements to his casual ensembles. You will often find him in a sweater with a dress shirt underneath. In fact, the collar always overlaps the sweater’s neckline neatly to achieve a bespoke look. Fitted sweatshirts are also often integral to his look so that he can achieve an urbane appearance. Add the G-Star Jayvi Knit Sweater, the Wyoming Long Sleeve Henley, and the Eton Tuxedo Dress Shirt to complete this look.


Accessories are often the final touch to James Bond’s magic. When he wears his genial suits, he often pairs it with a subtly patterned skinny tie or a black bow tie, such as this Lucio Lamberti Bow Tie. Many consider this accessory old-fashioned, but you never see him without a pocket square tucked into his suit jacket. It is simply a necessity to achieve traditional elegance.