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Individual Ritual: Personalizing with Accessories

Men's Accessories

A dapper suit or a casual outfit is never complete without accessories. They possess the potential to charm and to dazzle those around you. More importantly, they give you the opportunity to express your individual quirks. They add detail to a minimalist item and become exquisite entities that tell the world who you are. Work and parties are all appropriate occasions for accessories as they can be wonderful conversation pieces.

Club Uomo Ties

Bowties and ties never go out of style. Ties are classic pieces that always accompany suits and dress shirts. Their exquisite patterns or explicit minimalism emphasize certain qualities about your outfit whether it is the colour of your shirt or its materials. Hugo Boss Black makes beautiful ornate ties, while Tiger of Sweden makes minimalist ties for every practical man. Bowties are more unconventional, but they provide a more sophisticated look that harkens back to the 1920s. Perry Ellis creates exquisite bow ties for the gentleman.

Cuff link cinched. Most men forgo cuff links or forget about them completely. They are a small detail that can really bring out the elegance in you. They come in all shapes, sizes, and even unique shapes. Boss Black has round cufflinks such as their Purple Houndstooth or their Herringbone ones. In addition, Tiger of Sweden has their signature cuff links that encapsulate their detailed logo.

Baseball caps are back. They are no longer confined to stadiums or lazy hair days. Street style bloggers have been wearing them with their ensemble. Boss Black and G-Star makes the slickest caps for your casual day out. Caps made of wool and colourful fabrics have created a glorious assortment of choices for your individual style. Accessorizing is a ritual for those who want to personalize their style.