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How to Style Winter Accessories

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Winter provokes thoughts of parkas, wool coats and boots. Not only are they necessary to keep you warm as you brave the elements, but they are integral to your personal outwear style. While these pieces are important to your overall aesthetic, accessories can elevate your look in a practical manner. Gloves prevent dry hands, while hats reduce headaches against icy winds. Moreover, scarves help you maintain a warm body temperature. An added benefit is that they add a pop of visual to any ensemble. No matter what style you aspire to, these are the key tips to keep in mind for accessories.

winter accessories

Toques and beanies are the casual winter basics everyone needs. They come in a variety of colours and are often knit in luxurious fabrics such as wool. While it may be tempting to match your hat to your coat, it is best to stay away from that rule. Opt for a two tone approach such as a grey parka with a cream beanie or colorblock with an emerald green puffer and a burgundy toque for a bolder finish. For more formal occasions, pair a felt hat with a refined wool coat.

Scarves lend suave accents to any outfit. They come in a variety of knits such as cable, waffle, jersey, and fleece to suit the level of compression you desire. There are even different ways to tie them, whether you prefer to just wrap it around your neck, draping one side over your shoulder, or tying it in the front and tucking it into your coat. Whether you want to add a pop of colour to your ensemble or experiment with textures, scarves are the best way to do so.

Gloves are an on-trend essential to your cold weather needs. Add some sleek leather to elevate your look to timelessness or incorporate artisanal coziness with a knit texture. If you want, choose one with a bold logo print or a pattern such as stripes for a more eclectic ensemble. Whatever you choose to protect your hands, ensure that they are ideal to your conditions.