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How to Get Instagram Famous if You Are a Small Business


Fashion bloggers have taken social media by storm and they have Instagram to thank for that. Traditional blogs have become secondary as people flock to Instagram to find the latest trends and to look at glamorous images of the latest designer digs. It takes a while to gain a social following, but the tips below will help you get started and show you how to use Instagram in order to drive people to your store.

Post high resolution photos. This may seem obvious at first, but it still helps pointing out as there are some less than stellar Instagram photos out there. In fact, there’s just no excuse for it considering almost everyone has a smartphone these days which are more than capable of taking good photographs.

Choose a witty caption. These should be short and succinct so people can understand what point you’re trying to make. People on Instagram tend to be much more visual and are therefore far less likely to read a long drawn out post unless of course, you’re a famous celebrity. Therefore, just keep it nice and short to save time and to improve the post’s effectiveness.

Hashtag with care. You should try to include as many relevant hashtags as you can so that more people are able to find you, but you should also check how popular they are first. You can use 100 hashtags but it won't make any difference if none of them are buzzworthy.

Personalize your brand. If you sell clothing like Club Uomo, encourage real people to showcase your items be it at a wedding, big event or anywhere at all. You can ask them to share their images with you directly or through your branded hashtag. Any image shared by a previous client increases your brand visibility and trust via word of mouth.