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How to Dress for Beach & Pool Days

Stay dapper this summer as you lounge by the beach or pool to cool off or to relax. Everyone knows the sun can make it difficult to remain stylish since maintaining an appropriate body temperature becomes much more of a priority. However, you can stay cool and be on-trend with the right mindset and the following tricks to help you along.


Choose a polo or a tank top in a breathable material since long sleeves just add an unnecessary layer between your skin and the sun that will make you unnecessarily sweaty. Be mindful that the type of fabric you wear matters too since heavy fabrics such as wool insulates body heat, while synthetic fabrics such as polyester tend to cling to the skin. The general rule is to go for breathable fibers such as linen, bamboo, or silk when you want to keep cool. This will help you control your body temperature before you arrive at the pool or beach.


Swimming also helps bring down your body temperature, which is an ideal activity for the summer. Turn to colorful swim trunks to help you stand out whether it be neon pinks for a pop of visual or a geometric subtle print. If you have a more minimalist stance in mind, go for a solid hue swim trunk with a logo detail. Regardless, there are a variety of options to choose from.


Slide sandals have made a comeback and will give your feet a break from the summer heat. While it may be tempting to stuff your feet into a pair of sneakers, slides can be taken off easily, which is useful when you are by the pool or the beach. They are also comfortable and allow your feet to breathe, which prevents any occurrence of strange odors. Whether you are going for a swim or just hanging out with friends, these tips will help you compile your summertime ensembles.