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Gentlemen Classics: Reasons to Own a Sports Jacket

Classic pieces are an investment to your style. Whether it be the plain white tee or a pair of blue jeans, these are timeless items that can elevate your wardrobe. However, the piece that gentlemen often covet is the sports jacket. Regardless of your personal style, the sports jacket is a versatile piece that helps transcend occasions. As a result, these are some of the other reasons why you should get one of your own.

Sports jackets are easy to style. They work best for those who require a sleek look, but feel the need to be comfortable. Whether you have a favourite t-shirt that you wear everywhere or a comfy slub sweater, you can transform your look into one of elegance by draping a sports jacket. Of course, if you need to attend formal events, you can throw them on a dress shirt and pair them with dress pants or khakis.

They ensure you look proper at all times. Sports jackets aren’t just for looking dapper, but they are practical too. You may have noticed that your polo collars or point collars on your shirt end up in disarray before the end of the day. The lapels on sports jackets ensure that they are in the same place at all times to ensure your look is in line.

They can be tailored to suit your body shape. A good sports jacket can be worn for decades to come, but you may find that your body may not remain the same. Simply bring the jacket to an expert tailor and they can do wonders with this piece. Whether it ends up being too big or too small for you, it can be transformed with a few stitches.


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