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Classic Patterns to Athleisure: Top Fall 2018 Menswear Trends


Menswear trends are elevated to front row obsession this season. Whether you want to have a brazen ensemble or to look suave, comfort is essential among these collections. Bold outwear was clearly a theme whether you prefer eclectic patterns or a timeless design. Brands reigned supreme regardless of the name recognition and a striking aesthetic is embraced. Regardless of your style, these are the dichotomous trends to look out for to help you build a multifaceted wardrobe.

Athleisure has become a classic. It was considered original when it first appeared since the fashion industry was known for being opulent in every way. It is now a way for people to dress down an outfit or to showcase a casually refined look. This trend appeared in the form of bold logo sweatshirts and track jackets that behaved as armor against the elements, yet lending an air of confidence to the wearer. Try pairing these trends with a pair of joggers and your favourite runners for an effortless everyday look.


Iconic patterns are here to stay. Those who are not a fan of athleisure can breathe a sigh of relief. Pinstripes and checks took on all forms down the runway, whether it be a classic wool coat, a fitted blazer, or a classic button-down. Whether you are opting for old-world sophistication or prep school misfit, you can find a piece to suit your personal tastes. Wear this trend with an understated piece so that patterns do not clash, unless you are attempting a monochromatic aesthetic.


Abstract artistry gains a new appreciation. Cartoon graphics, opulent florals, and animal prints take on a new meaning. Add a plush fur zebra or leopard print coat to your athleisure ensemble to garner a truly kitsch look. With cartoon strips on jackets and Looney Tunes characters on t-shirts, this is bound to bring out the wunderkind in you. No matter what you’re looking for, you can merge these trends for a truly versatile look.