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Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Every year, at the beginning of December, each of us is asking ourselves the same question: "What gifts will I give for Christmas?’’ Whether it is for our boyfriend, dad, grandfather, friend, colleague... We are all at a moment short on ideas.

So, if you too are in a need of inspiration for Christmas, here are some great gift ideas that should please the important men in your life (and you to avoid a misery in the stores...).

Accessories Ideas

Choosing an accessory as a gift is a sure thing to do. It allows you to customize your style when your outfit is too simple. Men have fewer choices in terms of accessories than women, but that's no reason to be discouraged! We’ve compiled a list of the latest trends in accessories, especially for you.

BagBrown leather gift box with wallet and keyring

Here is an idea of a gift to please for sure! These two accessories come from BOSS, the chic ready-to-wear store.

On the left, is a gift box containing a set of two pieces. Inside is an elegant set composed of a leather wallet made from 100% cowhide and a keychain engraved with a polished silver logo.

On the right is a messenger bag, charcoal colour, with an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying it crossbody or over the shoulder. The great thing about this product is its numerous zippers. Easy storage for keys and wallet!

Ideas For Scarves

In winter, and especially in Montreal, it is important to cover yourself well. Gloves, scarves and hats are essential to keep us warm, but how to choose them properly?

To stay warm, your scarf should be made from wool or any other natural materials. It might be a little more expensive than synthetics, but you will always be comfortable and itch-free with a soft and luxurious scarf. For the length, avoid a scarf that is too small and short which will not cover your neck completely. Also, stay away from scarves that are too long, where you must do 400 turns around the neck or one that collects dust on the ground.

A beautiful, quality scarf will last you all winter long. However, let’s remember that the primary objective of an accessory is to bring your outfit to life! Choose several scarves depending on the weather and your clothing style such as large mesh, thick fiber, or fine knit.

Ideas For Hats And Touques

The hat is essential to protect you from the cold and keep your ears warm. But sometimes it’s just about style!

Most hats are easy to wear.  But be careful not to put your head completely into the cap. Many are used to create a specific silhouette and give volume to the head. Touques have become a very trendy piece in recent years.  We think they bring out the personality and charisma of men.

Here is an idea of the products you can find at Club Uomo.

[caption id="attachment_3203" align="alignleft" width="279"]Moose Knuckles touque Moose Knuckles Touque[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3205" align="alignleft" width="245"]Dress scarf in grey and red on mannequin in blue suit Dress scarf[/caption]

Sweater Ideas

When it comes to gift-giving, clothing is always a good option. The question is - what is your budget? During the winter, sweaters are a practical and useful option. They are always a necessary addition in a man's closet and can be a great casual chic, ultra-comfortable gift to offer for Christmas. It is a simple model to gifting because everyone needs a sharp sweater. Take care to choose a color that will please according to each person's tastes!

[caption id="attachment_3201" align="alignnone" width="245"]Sweater Psycho Bunny navy sweater[/caption]

Here is a sweater from Psycho Bunny that will allow him to stay fashionable even when temperatures are dropping!

Finally, if you are still undecided (or very late), think of the Club Uomo gift card, which will please everyone.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!