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Brunch to Dinner: Dress Shirts for All Occasions

Dress Shirts Mens

Dress shirts are a main staple for most men’s wardrobes. You probably have hundreds of them in your closet alone and have probably outgrown a few of them. They come in a variety of colours, styles, and brands, so they can be worn for different situations. However, you are probably tired of wearing your few favourites and need to find new items to spruce up your wardrobe. Whether you need one for an important business meeting or a more casual occasion such as dinner with friends, Club Uomo has you covered.

The Hugo Enosh Dress Shirt has the cool colour of chambray, but is made with a soft fabric that will ensure you'll want to wear it all the time. Perfect for a quick brunch with friends or just to run errands, you'll look elegant in a flash. For a more casual pick, the Azure Dress Shirt is made for every dapper gentleman’s closet. Designed with the colour of the sea, you will be ready for the patio or the bar in no time.

Work requires a balance of formality and comfort. Lipson shirts are made with a soft cotton material, but embedded with a starch collar to show you mean business. Dress pants and khakis are a necessity with these shirts. Smart leather dress shoes will pull this outfit together for supreme elegance. Casual yet suave, this ensemble will ensure you look professional and stylish.

Dinners with friends are all about casual fun, but they require a little more nuance and details. This Black Di Nero Shirt is made with elegance in mind. A minimalist and versatile colour, just throw a nice jacket over it to complete the look. The Riviera Grey Suit Jacket is made for those nights out with wine and steak. Elegance is within reach.