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Boss Green: Gradual Casual

Boss green collection style guide

The Hugo Boss Green range is an athletic and casual amalgamation. The menswear range contains sneakers, boat shoes, buckle belts, and baseball caps. Polo shirts, casual dress shirts, cargo shorts, and blue jeans are other notable items in the collection. Hugo Boss is known for their sophisticated suits, but they show that they can create sporty pieces as well. As a result, those who have been waiting for an informal collection at Hugo Boss can rejoice now.

The Seadream Boat Shoes are yacht perfect. They can be styled with nautical palettes and a pink Gatsby-styled suit jacket. Simple shoes yield flamboyant results that will dazzle the imagination and people’s minds. Champagne and Cocktails anyone?

The Cobalt Blue Ball Cap is perfect for any outdoor affair. A stroll down the street with one, you will look like Ben Affleck. In fact, you can elevate your look at baseball games with this on your head and a striped baseball shirt. T-shirts and jeans are welcomed too.

Belts are often overlooked in favour of more opulent accessories, but Boss Green ensures that people will notice when you wear this black or snakeskin buckle belt. Black is a classic piece that you should own in your closet since they go with everything. However, the snakeskin can be great with a light pair of white pants and a pair of sneakers.