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Beards and Weddings - A Groom's Short Guide to Facial Hair


Cheers to a man’s prime accessory – his facial hair. Among the many duties belonging to a groom and or groomsmen includes the valuable act of grooming oneself. It’s not just the cut that needs to stay sharp, but your preparation too. Prolonging a cut last minute limits the amount of time one needs for the hair to grow back and settle in – and don’t forget, chicness only gleams when perceived naturally. For a wedding, try creating a unified look among the groom and his groomsmen with a 60s side part cut for everyone, while encouraging individual facial hair as per each groomsmen’s personality.

If aiming for a sleek look, one could try a clean-shave (just keep it professional, and let us stress again, don’t leave it to the last minute – give those razor burns and their accompanying redness a couple of days to heal, and try to use a straight razor to ensure the cleanest of shaves). Adversely, preparing a days worth of scruff can ensure a full bristle of hair. The three most important aspects to keep in mind when grooming facial hair include a) the quality of the blade b) the shaving cream itself and c) the after-shave (especially in a clean look, this aroma can easily become a man’s second best accessory).

For a truly classic and vintage look, one can maintain the simplistic suaveness of a 60s side part and pompadour, while accompanying it with a Shadow trim (the slightest of stubbles) for a truly smooth look. For you men with full beards, feel free to stay wild, but just ensure a neat and clean trim as well. For instance, you could try a Mangora beard, with a trimmed and maintained full beard along the jawline as well as a full moustache above the upper lip. Full-fledged beards are back in fashion and if you wear it with assurance and keep it clean and organized, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t rock it.

All in all men, keep in mind the following while assessing your big day’s facial hair:

- Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out your game plan.
- Avoid drastically changing your facial appearance days prior to the wedding, this might end up looking peculiar for your loved ones
- Regardless of your style, keep it organized, to a certain extent at least. You’ll be on tons of photos and you want to be at your best!