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Athletic Sophistication: Fall Accessorizing


Autumn is the perfect season for a wardrobe rejuvenation. Gone are days of sweltering heat and the beating sun. The chill and the autumn leaves will come soon enough. Time for those sneakers and snapbacks to come out. Watches are good for any season, but make an unforgettable match for the fall. Varsity blues are never far away when it comes to autumn accessories.


There is a vast array of sneakers to choose from for the fall. These Base London Lucius Hi Shine Hi-Tops are the perfect combination of elegant worn leather and athleticism reminiscent of Lebron James’ style. G-Star is all the rage in their trainers that are versatile and comfortable so that you can take on the storm that is to come.


Baseball caps are no longer confined to sports events. They are seen on just about everyone from Matt Damon to Brad Pitt. This Boss Black Wool Baseball Cap comes in grey and black so that these neutral tones align with the rest of your wardrobe. However, the Boss Green Baseball cap ensures that you never miss the All-American vibe that this particular accessory is known for. 


It’s about time you unwind and put away your phone. Watches ensure you have the time on you at all times and are an elegant accessory to carry with you. Boss Black creates the most amazing range of watches from snake skin bands to linked bands. Brown, black, and silver adorn each piece to become a sentimental aspect of your outfit.