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A Gentlemen’s Guide to Suit Jackets

Suit jackets can leave a strong impression on those you encounter. In fact, they are usually the first item that people notice on an outfit due to its proximity with the face. As a result, it’s integral that the jacket fits properly and exudes the right level of sophistication. There are many factors that need to be considered when someone purchases a jacket, whether it’s the quality of the materials or the style. Therefore, Club Uomo has offered a couple of tips to help you garner the desired reception from others.


Everyone has seen someone wear a suit that is too large for them. The pants and sleeves are too long, while the jacket just drapes on the body. This makes the wearer look ruffled and unkempt, which is the opposite effect that a suit is supposed to have. If you do not know your size, it’s necessary for you to get measured because it will save a lot of time and maybe even a trip to the tailor if you know how your suits should fit.

In addition, you should always consider the suit jacket’s fabric before you purchase it. It determines its quality and whether you will be comfortable in it. Cotton suits are usually the most economical and can produce the best elegant look. More importantly, they are not as stuffy as heavier materials such as wool or linen. However, wool and linen can keep you warm during the colder months and offer a suave look. Ted Baker offers some of the best wool suits, while Jack Victor and Tiger of Sweden has debonair suits for all occasions.

Finally, you should consider whether you prefer a double-breasted jacket or a one-button suit jacket. Single-breasted jackets tend to offer an easy fit for most men, but double-breasted jackets classic wrap-around look. The only problem with a double-breasted jacket is that it can make you look wider than you actually are. The Ted Baker WHISJ-Single breast Pashion Suit is a fine example of this to offer you a wonderful piece.