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A Gentleman’s Guide: Lessons from Mad Men’s Don Draper

The 1960s were about extensive transformations and provoked major nostalgia like no other era in history. Mad Men captured audiences and the characters became an integral aspect of fans’ Sunday nights as they followed their dramatic lives with rigour. However, it wasn’t only the plot that caught people’s attention, but rather the fashion. Suddenly, all men wanted to emulate Don Draper style. As a result, Club Uomo has provided a few tips to create his suave look from the streets to the office.



Don Draper never settles for less on his days off. When he’s not at the office, he still maintains a proper appearance with starch shirts and polos. He pairs them with preppy sweaters or even a loose-fitting blazer to create a refined look. Sometimes, he will even wear tweed, checked, or bright coloured shirts to deviate from his formal look. His casual look can be replicated with Franco Negretti shirts, the G-Star Classic Polo Grey, and the Boss Green Seadream Boat Shoe.


Mad Men fans constantly see Don Draper at the office, so there’s no better television character to take notes from when it comes to appropriate officewear. The American suit is the style that you will constantly see him wear to boardroom meetings or at a bar after work. It’s soft and thick in the shoulders and chest, but tapered at the waist to give a V-shaped silhouette. He often pairs it with a white dress shirt and a skinny tie. In fact, it’s rare to see him wear something colourful at work. You can upgrade this look with a grey Tiger of Sweden suit, a white Lipson shirt, and fine Italian shoes.


Don Draper’s tuxedos never cease to catch people’s attention. 1960s suits consisted of single-breasted jackets and a streamlined shawl collar. Since it was a period of liberation, men no longer wore waistcoats. Whether he was at the opera or at a banquet, he never failed to stun the crowd in a tailored tuxedo with bow ties. He isn’t even afraid to stand out from the crowd in a white blazer. A Hugo Boss tuxedo with a pair of fine leather shoes is sure to put the dapper in Draper.