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A Gentleman’s Accessories Guide


There are various accessories to choose from for the upcoming season. Typical items such as ties and cufflinks gratify even the plainest shirt. Subtle pieces like socks and pocket squares adorn shoes and suits alike. Meanwhile, wallets are more than a practical item that is used to tote your important documents, and shoes continue to be great companions on your way, wherever you may go. Whatever the occasion, there is an accessory to suit your needs.

Polka dots or stripes, skinny or wide, ties have always been statement pieces. They gesture to your outlook and your perception of yourself. This polka dot Eton tie is great for the boardroom or a business lunch, while the Perry Ellis Arezzo 8 Tie will illuminate even the dullest of dress shirts. If you are going for a more charming look, then the Perry Ellis Bowtie 2 Tie has got you covered with its elegant quality.

You think you can do without socks, but you really can’t. They have an impact on the way your shoes look, which can affect your entire ensemble. While it’s always important to wear black socks with black shoes, the rules can be bent for more casual styles. These Marcoliani Milano socks have the shade of Americana denim and white polka dots that will keep these Stacy Adams Vander dress shoes fun. Dressing down to dress up is always a grand time.

Looking for something more casual around the wrist? The Italgem Bracelet in its knotted intricacies, possess the most dashing shade of turquoise. More refined are these Tiger of Sweden cufflinks that will make for the perfect crowd pleaser. In fact, their handkerchief is the ideal comrade to fight against the sweat or to add a fine detail in the pockets.

No matter what you need, there is a whole world of accessories to look for.