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Wedding Tuxedo Trends in 2020

Winter is in full gear. But before you know it, flowers will start to bloom, buds will appear on trees, and warm days by the pool will return. Spring also announces the busiest season for weddings.

The tuxedo is the ultimate in masculine elegance. A classic worn for that special day, it must be as stylish as it is comfortable.

And, good news, the choices are endless!

Top Tuxedo Colors

Wishing to remain in understated elegance during your nuptials? The black tuxedo will be the most effective solution to display that “old Hollywood” look. For many years, black and white tuxes were often associated with sophistication and grandeur.  Today, we have a huge array of different colors to please every personality.

Midnight blue has become the new black. Under bright lights, a blue tux can often look darker than a black one.  It adds a touch of personality but remains dignified and classic. Some might say that it is even more formal than black. James Bond wears it perfectly in the movie Skyfall!

Man wearing blue tuxedoMan wearing red tuxedo

Want to be on the cutting edge of fashion for your wedding? At the Emmy Awards in 2019, brown and purple tuxedos were seen all over the red carpet. These new styles are eye-catching and will be in fashion all through 2020.

A white tuxedo is the ‘’to-go’’ option is you are getting married on a warm afternoon. It can be very festive depending on how you accessorize it.

Any styles work as long as you feel good in your clothes.

Man wearing tuxedo

Tuxedo Accessories

To achieve the classic look, a black silk bow tie is best. But, if you are looking for some originality, while staying elegant, a black tie with little dots or stripes may be an option. If you have a playful side, choose original bow tie colors and patterns to show your personality. You have an enormous variety to choose from!

What about socks? Tradition dictates they should be black and high, but in 2020, everything changes. Fashion is about expression and delivering a message to show our character. So have fun trying on different looks, different colors, different themes! It will be the happiest day of your life and putting fashion traditions aside could be the solution for you.

On your wedding day, choosing the right accessories are important. They should elevate your outfit and complement your personality. Cufflinks and studs work perfectly for a formal look. For a minimalist fan, silver is a good color, but you can also play with textures, shapes and colors.

The pocket square might be a small detail, but it will make you a real gentleman and will complete your look. Ask for help and advice as there are many ways to fold it, and so many to choose from depending on your tuxedo. To make your day one of the most special, small personalized details can give a more creative look (e.g. buttons in the same colour as the wedding theme) and great memories!

Tuxedo jacket with handkerchief

Shoes are easier to find. The most classic are Oxfords, also known as Richelieu in France. They should be black patent or velvet for an elegant look that doesn’t detract from your suit. It is important that the sole of the shoe is not too thick and that the shoe is not overly detailed. Varnished moccasins are also a good alternative, especially during the summer and will give a less formal look.

Fancy tuxedo shoeBlack patent tuxedo shoe

Club Uomo Is Your Tuxedo Specialist

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