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Tony Stark as Iron Man: Style Lessons for Business Moguls


Tony Stark is one of the most popular Marvel superheroes ever. While he is known for his witty quips and his immense wealth, his iconic status is derived from his alter ego as Iron Man. Many superheroes may have accidentally received their superpowers, but Tony Stark used his genius to create a revolutionary suit that is both protective and powerful in order to save others. Whether he is in the boardroom or on the streets, here are the ways he manages to look every bit the billionaire that he is.

He knows how to dress for the occasion. Tony Stark knows there is a time and a place for everything. When he is out and about as a businessman, you will always see him in a well-tailored suit and a crisp dress shirt. These may be basic essentials that most men have in their wardrobes, but he always adds a personal twist to his ensembles through his colourfully printed neckties. If you want to add a little more Stark to your style, pick up classic dress shoes that have been elevated with a dash of yellow and red in honour of Iron Man.


Tony Stark knows how to dress down in all the right ways. He may be wealthy, but he knows when to get comfortable. You will often find him in a Henley shirt with a t-shirt pulled over it and a pair of straight-leg jeans on his days off. Consider owning a statement jacket to pull over your ensemble for when the mood strikes. The dark blue hooded sweatshirt with a striking orange trim he wore in Avengers: Infinity War produced a polished suave look.

He knows that simple accessories can change everything. Gadgets are his favourite, so pair your ensemble with a high-tech watch or a pair of sunglasses. Wayfarers or aviators, or your favourite smart watch, there are endless options to help you find the perfect signature accessory.