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Tips For Dressing With Style As Autumn Transitions 

As the warmer days of Fall begin to leave us, we feel the freshness of our Montreal winter sneaking upon us in the cool mornings and evenings. But how should we dress without taking out our big winter coat or being cold when you go out in a t-shirt while being comfortable and elegant?

Here are some tips on how to dress during the mid-season.


The Layered Look: The Solution?

Layering consists of overlapping several layers of clothing. It is the simplest and most trendy technique to deal with the changing temperatures of the fall. It allows you to cover yourself well in the morning before going to work or going out on weekends, and then not to get too hot in the afternoon when temperatures have risen.

The idea here is to play with lengths and colours. However, a little fashion tip: the layers closest to the body must be light and then must become darker the further away we go from the body.

To give you an idea: Pairing a t-shirt with a shirt , and wearing a small hoodie on top is a perfect example of layering. The Psycho Bunny brand offers a wide choice of sweaters and hoodies that are perfectly suited to layering fashion for a casual look.

Mens Zippered Sweater

Leather. A Beautiful Piece That Stylishly Matches Your Outings

The leather jacket is a must in every man's closet. It’s the perfect garment to take from your wardrobe for the mid-season as it allows you to resist different weather conditions: rain, wind, snow…

It is one of the simplest outfits to be casual on weekends but also to have this "young and cool" look. Just pair it with nice jeans (preferably dark jeans) and a white t-shirt and you're done!


The Timeless Bomber. Sportwear Effect.

Let’s take a quick look back to learn about the existence of the bomber, which has military origins. It was created for pilots of the United States Air Force and the Navy. The first bombers date back to 1950.

If you are not a ''pure fan'' of the bomber, here is another very attractive alternative, between a vest and a bomber, that is less padded offered by Scotch&Soda. It has a quilted look that we like very much and has two chest pockets for added style and convenience. It is available in 2 colours: night blue, or military.

Mens Bomber Jacket

Tiger of Sweden’s “Cunning” Coat

The “Cunning” coat, by Tiger of Sweden, is a coat that men will want to have in their closet. Especially if they want to adapt a formal style without doing too much.

Made in Europe with a blend of wool and cashmere, it is an elegant and chic jacket. The coat reaches the length of the knee and protects against the cold and wind of the season. It can be worn easily over a suit, or a t-shirt/cardigan. However, with this coat, avoid wearing sneakers or sportwear shoes (unless they are discreet and neutral in color).

Feel free to wear the cunning coat in your own way. You can keep the collar a little folded or completely up. For a more casual look, it is possible to keep the trench coat open. It can also be closed with the buttons on the front for a more elegant look or in cold weather.

Tiger of Sweden’s “Cunning” Coat Tiger of Sweden’s “Cunning” Coat

This one, from Tiger of Sweden, has discreetly tailored pockets where we can store our things: 2 front pockets with button closures and 2 inside pockets.

The cold has set in and is not about to go away - so cover yourself well, with style!