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Tinges of Grey: How to Wear a Grey Suit


Grey has become an incredibly popular colour over the past few seasons as it’s a delicate alternative to your typical black suits. However, the colour requires a bit more coordination and styling to become truly sophisticated. It simply doesn’t help that Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey is all that everyone talks about these days, but you can supersede those expectations with a few simple touches.

Navy Blue Tie. Blue and grey are the best combination for just about everything, particularly with a grey suit. It offers just enough contrast without anything looking out of the ordinary or peculiar. However, navy blue is best as it gives the opportunity to match it with different dress shirts and shoes that you can.

Light Dress Shirt. You’ve probably seen men wear a grey suit with a light blue dress shirt or even a baby pink. However, it’s best to stay within the same shade as your tie when you’re dressing. Light dress shirts complement grey because it doesn’t detract from the suit itself, but it adds variety to your outfit.

Brown Dress Shoes. You don’t want to wear dark colours throughout. It’s probably why you opted for a grey suit in the first place. Therefore, brown dress shoes are you best option particularly if you can find them in leather. They are perfect for men who want to look suave and lean everywhere they go.

This complete look will have you looking like David Gandy in no time. There’s no reason why male models and professional actors are the only ones who can look like that.