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The Vinyl Inspired Style Guide: Sinatra

Frank Sinatra’s jazz music defined the 1940s and his style was characterized by its dapper elegance. He was never seen without a fedora and a well-fitted tuxedo or suit during his performances and it seems as though it is simply his way of life. Sinatra cultivated his image with the precision of the artist that he is and took his style seriously. In fact, those who wanted to emulate him have to look no further than Club Uomo. The tuxedos and suits that they own would make Frank Sinatra proud.

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The white dress shirt was worn with all of Sinatra’s suits and tuxedos. He never tried to diverge from the clean and crisp look. He preferred simplicity and kept it elegant, so he would never have worn any outrageous colours. His melodies were simple and soulful, just as his style was. More importantly, it was simply practical because white went with everything and he never had to think about what to wear.

Black ties were perfect with the white shirt as it offered a balanced contrast, which fitted his steady and smooth voice. The black tie should be a wardrobe staple in every man’s wardrobe since they went with everything, particularly a skinny one. While most men opt for thick ties, skinny ones could work well with fitted suit jackets.

In addition, the black suit jacket pulled the look together since Frank Sinatra would never got anywhere without one. Even when he didn’t wear one, it was always nearby just in case. It would work well with the black tie and the white dress shirt because black went well with pretty much everything. You never had to try as long as everything was properly fitted and adjusted since Frank Sinatra’s style just came easily.

Now, it would seem like there would be a lot of black in this outfit, but it was Sinatra’s best look. Therefore, you could never go wrong with these black dress shoes that make your look absolutely refined and sophisticated. Style never had to be outrageous, it just had to be you just as this look defined Frank Sinatra.