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The Vinyl Inspired Style Guide: Belafonte

There's an undeniable synergy between music and fashion. Each one orbits around the other: setting trends, fusing sounds and influencing cultures. Dubbed the "King of Calypso", Harry Belafonte's career has spanned over five decades. Beyond his infectious lyrics, the singer, actor and well-known civil rights activist has had an iconic and inventive career, all while keeping his classic style in tow. With three key pieces (shirt + belt + shoes) and a style guide courtesy of Club Uomo, you can create a head to toe look reminiscent of Belafonte’s debonair, understated style.


The Shirt: There's no exact formula for how to build an outfit, but starting with a classic shirt is always a solid sartorial foundation. A collared button-down often doubles as a key-piece in any polished menswear look and as a staple found in most closets. You can make your shirt the standout piece in your outfit by choosing a bright hue (like the one pictured), paying extra attention to the fit and keeping the rest of your outfit subtle and streamlined.

The Belt: The right belt can compliment your outfit, provide that sometimes needed line between your top and bottom half and give your outfit a finished touch. A formal black belt with a simple silver clasp or buckle is the perfect amount of style and substance.

The Shoes: Shoes are undeniably important to making an outfit feel complete. There's nothing more depressing than seeing an impeccably dressed man ruin his look with drab, mismatched footwear. It's safe to say that Italian leather footwear was probably invented for the purpose of saving men everywhere from the shoe blunder mentioned above. Top off this classic look with loafers in a dark, suave colour like black. Club Uomo specializes in and carries a host of Italian leather footwear to help pull your ensemble together.

Think of this complete look as a throwback that's gone fresh and modern; a way to add ageless and engaging pieces to your wardrobe.