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The Groom's Guide to Ties & Bow Ties


A man’s tie serves as the most significant accent on a suit and or tux ensemble. Consider the impact of a darker toned bow tie on a pale toned tux, adding a playful pop to a natural look. Or for a more visible contrast, consider a black silk tie for an all white ensemble, creating a true 50s rockabilly look (for a change but similar affect, try a midnight blue).

For a less conservative colour-blocking look, consider variety with regards to playful texture. A checkered print maybe? Stripes? A club print (that is, a repeating logo) often makes just the right statement. Pin-dot prints offer the playfulness of a full-blown polka dotted tie, but are subdued enough to offer the perfect combination of chic and fun. Fortunately for the low maintenance man, there is the option of a clip-on tie, though it’s never a bad look when a man is able to tie his own tie.

Size matters. If venturing outside of a bow tie, keep your length in check. The tip of your tie should reach right at your beltline, no more, no less! For a youthful punk feel opt for a skinny tie, and for a more elegant feel, keep it narrow – anything wider than three inches falls under the “too wide” and thus “do not” categories. The perfect knot size is the four-in-hand, and is multifunctional for a variety of collar shapes and sizes. And be sure to accentuate the dimples in your knot, as it can make or break the overall sharpness of your suit.

For a fall/winter wedding, opt for a wool tie and darker solid colours. For a spring/summer wedding, opt for a cotton tie with pastel based colours. More importantly, opt for the tie that guarantees a true expression of you – have fun with it!