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The Final Bow: Finding the Right Fit for Suits

Suits are powerful displays of power. They define social class, personality, and various other quirks about the individual. Famous leading men and athletes are often are often known for their suits and even prominent television characters. In fact, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, David Beckham, and Henrik Lunqvist are known for their suits. Therefore, having a right fit for a suit is crucial: you must find one that looks great on you. This way, you can look your best as you conquer the day.

The right suit is one that makes you look good when you are standing in a straight position. It should fit your body accordingly, rather than hang loosely. First of all, the seam at the shoulders for the suit jacket should align with where your arm meets your shoulder. If the seam extends beyond your shoulder or is too small, you will look sloppy or awkward. This characteristic can determine the way you look overall.

This may seem like a minor detail, but it is very important when you want to make a good impression. Always button up the suit jacket that you are trying on because it can look completely different than when you are letting it hang loose. If you are at a formal event, you will want to button up your suit jacket and you don’t want it to end up fitting too tight. Not only will it be uncomfortable for you, but it will create a wrinkly mess.

The pants are the next integral aspect. You want something that fits your rear end without clinging tightly to your body, but you also don’t want a pair of pants that enlarge your silhouette. In other words, a good fit will lie loosely against your underwear without pulling against your butt or draping loosely down your thighs. If you are unsure of whether it is too tight or too loose, choose the looser pants because they are overall a better fit than pants that are too tight.