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Prep School Getaway: Vacation Essentials

Suave clean looks are essential for any vacation getaway. Comfort is required, but dapper ensembles are still a must. Nautical waves are the norm for the Hamptonites, while poolside Caribbean resorts are hotspots for relaxation and parties. Dinners, museums, beachside, or horseback are all situations that require the perfect wardrobe.

Dark Blue Lois Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are versatile pieces that go with just about everything. This Dark Blue Lois Denim Jacket will align with a Black Hugo Boss Polo and these Grey Hugo Boss Comfort Fit Jeans. Not only will you be able to go anywhere your heart desires with ease, but you will be street style savvy in the process.

Hugo Boss Grey Polo Shirt

Fancy dinners require a nice suit jacket. This Riviera Black Suit Jacket is transformative and can class up any shirt you choose to wear. This Hugo Boss Grey Polo and a pair of Ballin dress pants can ensure that you look dapper and sophisticated at once. You are covered for patio brunches and riverside parties with these items.


Sailors have been fashion inspiration for decades. Opt for this white G-Star V-neck T-Shirt and pair it with navy blue shorts. They would go well with a pair of G-Star kicks and help you relax by the waves after your crazy party from the previous night.