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Pocket Squares: A Gentleman’s Accessory

Pocket squares are an essential aspect to every man's outfit. Despite that, it is often overlooked and even completely forgotten. They originated in the 14th century when French noblemen would spray perfume on them to mask the lower class's smell as they traveled through town. This may be a useful tip for when you are on a train or bus. While it may have extravagant origins, it can still be implemented into your daily life.


It is important to remember that you should never match your pocket squares with your tie. The pocket square will simply blend into your shirt, rather than enhance it. If anything, you should include a variety of colours in your outfit and complement the tie that you are wearing. In fact, you can even complement your shirt or your blazer in the process. Remember, variety is key and that pocket squares should act as an accessory to your overall outfit.


You can even place your pocket squares in a specific manner to accessorize it even further. You can fold it in a neat square or stuff it in an elaborate ball. It can be an expression of your personality as it showcases ways you want to present yourself. Whatever it may be, remember that pocket squares are there for a practical and ornamental reason.