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Jack Victor: Heritage and Modernity

Jack Victor has been a leading North American manufacturer for men’s clothing since 1913. It’s a company that has been built on tradition, quality, and family values. Its rich history came from a 20 year old Romanian immigrant named Jack Wigdorovici who arrived in Canada with a powerful sense of work ethic. Since its inception, his values have remained with his son Herschel and his grandson, the current CEO, Alan Victor. After all, Jack Victor has always been a brand that recognized the importance customer service and condition above all else.


They have styles for different occasions to suit each consumer’s need. They have grey suit jackets that can be worn with jeans on a casual day or checked jackets that can be found on country club attendees. The sophisticated and suave man, along with those who want to keep it casual can find solace among Jack Victor’s diverse selection. Innovate expression and classic tailoring have kept their brand one to be reckoned with.


Besides that, they offer three piece suits that are perfect for any boardroom meeting or corporate function. They offer clean cut beige suits along with the classic grey or navy blue ones that makes you look sharp and dashing throughout it all. Sophisticated and accessible, Jack Victor provides a core vision of refined tailoring that adheres to its heritage, while also evolving with modernity to reflect the current period.