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How to Perfect the Business Casual Look

Whether you are about to enter the workforce or attending a formal event, it is important to master the business casual look. The way you present yourself on these occasions can be representative of who you are and determine how others perceive you. While you don’t want to look too overdressed, looking like a slob can be even worse. Therefore, here are a few tips that will help you merge formal elements with casual basics to help you achieve this look.


This may seem too easy, but simple is often better. Stock up on a few tailored sports jackets, preferably one in a neutral and another with a bold pattern. This ensures that you can look refined in an understated manner when necessary, but also stand out whenever the moment arises. Navy blue and black are often your best bet for neutrals, while tartan lends a classic appeal to any ensemble.


Tapered jeans or khakis are your best bet when it comes to business casual. When paired with a sports jacket or a polo, these quintessentially casual basics lend a minimalist approach to dressing. While statement denim is popular now, it is best to go for a pair of classic blue or black jeans and avoid distressed or graffiti print pairs. They are investment pieces that will give you the cost per wear and be timeless.


For those days you don’t want to layer, dress shirts can come in handy. Sizing is very important, so it is best to go for more tailored pieces than those that offer a relaxed fit. Versatility is also ideal, so choose dress shirts that come in a solid hue like white or blue. For days you require a bolder look, opt for windowpane or stripes. While striking patterns such as florals or tie dye may seem tempting due to their daring nature, business casual is not the best time to experiment. As long as you remember that simplicity is key, merging casual elements with formal attire will become a straightforward ritual.