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How to Dress for a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are dreadful for dressing, especially if it is an outdoor one. They tend to be formal events, which often means you need to don a suit. That means layers, which translates into sweatiness and that makes it difficult for you to look your best. While a three-piece suit may seem to be out of the question, these few tips will help you remain dapper and ensure that you can breathe throughout these breathtaking events.


The fabrication and design of garments can make all the difference. While luxurious fabrics such as linen and silk cost more, these are breathable fabrics that do not cling to your skin and helps you maintain your body temperature accordingly. A sport coat is often a lot lighter than a suit, so you can still look appropriately handsome if you style it properly with a dress shirt and pants.


Not only do light colours diverge from your typical navy blue and black, but they are an ideal summer colours as they tend to not absorb heat as quickly. A pastel pink suit makes you stand out from the crowd, while a muted beige or light grey are ideal if you thrive on minimalism. While navy blue and black are classic colours, maybe it’s time to branch out, especially when the temperature becomes an issue.


This may seem daunting, but you can even forego the jacket. If you aren’t the groom or in the wedding party, you can bend the rules a bit. They key here is to not wear pants that are the same colour as your vest and to not wear black since you could end up looking like venue staff. Play with textures such as jacquard or a class pattern such as plaid to go for a more rustic look. Instead of your typical white or blue dress shirt, go for purple or green and pair them with straight-leg trousers that have a matching print or a bold colour. Regardless, with these tips under your belt, you can stay cool and look refined for any wedding.