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Graduation Designation: Dressing for Your Graduation

Graduation Style guide

Graduation is a sentimental moment in each person’s life because it signifies the end of a rite of passage. Four years of hard work, friendships, and adventures have finally come to an end. There will be more happiness to come in life, but you might as well go out in style. As a result, Club Uomo has compiled a few tips to help you get ready for your graduation and to say goodbye to some of the best years of your life.

Look for graduation deals. Suits are expensive, especially if you want one that is well-made and is tailored perfectly for you. However, stores tend to understand this and promote deals that are specifically made for soon-to-be graduates. Therefore, look out for deals and do some research online because you could be saving a lot.

Find a tailored suit. You don’t want to be frumpy on your big day so make sure your suit fits you properly and get a good tailor. Also, most graduations are held outdoors so you should steer clear of wool suits. There are so many suits and brands for each individual style. Ted Baker’s GATZBYJ – Debonair Suit is perfect for those who want to keep it casual, but don’t want to wear the traditional black suit. Jack Victor and Tiger of Sweden have great navy blue and cream suits if those are the colour palettes your prefer.

tiger of sweden cufflinks

Accessories never hurt. It can be something as simple as pinning a flower or you can even wear dress vests if you don’t want to wear a suit jacket. Cufflinks such as these silver sculpted ones from Tiger of Sweden or the Boss Black Rectangle Logo Cufflinks are sure to individualize your suit. Ties are you best friends whether you opt for a simple Boss Black Pindot Tie or their Diamond Grid or Ornate flower ones.