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G-Star Sweaters: Street Style Cool to Sophisticated Ray Donovan

It’s a miracle that there’s no snow on the ground in December. In fact, it appears to rain each time the sky wants to crack open the flurries. Despite that, it’s still fairly chilly so you need to purchase some useful items that will ensure that you stay stylish and warm. There is more variety to choose from since the weather is still nice. As a result, Club Uomo has compiled some of their most coveted sweaters for every occasion.


It’s always coldest in the mornings, so you’ll want to grab the warmest item that you own. The G-Star Berlow V-Neck Mazarine Blue Knit is the most dapper sweater yet. The blue is the perfect balance between light and dark, so you can pair it with just about everything. Furthermore, you can wear polos underneath the sweater with the collar out when you go outside.

However, if you’re in the mood for something slightly more quirky, the G-Star Nouvel Hooded Navy Vest Jacket will bring out your inner peculiarities. The black sleeves and blue/red plaid contrast is a nod towards British street style with a tinge of casual cool. It can act as a light jacket when you’re on a quick errand or be paired with a pair of black jeans for a night at the pub with friends.


There’s nothing wrong with a little elegance and this G-Star Avihu Shawl Grey Knit Cardigan is the perfect accessory to drape over your shoulders. Think country clubs or some golf on the green pastures. For Gossip Girl fans, you’re the refined and cool dad Rufus Humphrey who wears these cardigans so much that it has become his signature style. No matter the weather, you will always have something to keep you warm and classy all year long.