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Effortless Cool: How to Do the French Tuck

The Queer Eye Netflix reboot has become integral to the current realm of pop culture. Generated with a focus on tips and tricks, the fab five have enlightened the general public on all things style, food, and home décor related. In fact, you may notice Tan, the style advisor making an ingenious style suggestion in most episodes. He often tells men to tuck their shirts in halfway to create a sleek look. Dubbed the French tuck, it has become a full blown social media trend. In order to recreate the craze, here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Find the right shirt. You can do this with just about any shirt, but it looks best on sport shirts with a step hem or a slightly boxy t-shirt. Try to stay away from tight shirts since they are more likely to produce a crumpled appearance as opposed to the suave demeanor you want to project. More importantly, ensure the shirt isn’t too long as they are more difficult to tuck in. In general, find a comfortable shirt that you can move around in with ease.

Choose proper pants. This may seem like a given, but the French tuck is more challenging with elasticized waistbands, so you should opt for trousers or jeans instead of joggers. Just like with any outfit, make sure the pants actually look appropriate with your top. The French tuck may have the uncanny ability to elevate any outfit, but it does not fix poor style choices.

Just tuck it in a little. This part can be tricky because you’re not supposed to tuck your shirt entirely into your pants, so you need to know how to strike the right balance. Simply take the end of your shirt and place your fingers at a quarter length.Afterwards , fold your shirt slightly into your pants. In one second, you will have achieved a slimmer and more lustrous impression.