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Dress To Impress On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is coming soon, and you might be feeling caught in a whirlwind of roses and red-themed gifts in the shops. Many of you might say ‘’Oh come on, it’s only a commercial holiday!’’ but your significant other is probably waiting for a little attention on this day. So, what to wear on this day? Jeans? Shirt and tie? Tuxedo?

Here are a few tips to boost your confidence and make the person you love admire your confident style.


Netflix And A Good Meal

It’s -15 degrees outside, you’re tired from your week, you just want to stay at home with your sweetheart. We understand you! Take out the bouquet of flowers, light the candles, prepare a cozy meal at home and let your loved one experience a memorable Valentine's Day! However, avoid wearing the sneakers or sweatpants that you’ve had on since Super Bowl and opt for a simple, but smart outfit. Take advantage of slipping on that beautiful cotton or cashmere sweater you received as a gift and pair it with nice jeans and loafers (not your slippers!!!).

A Hugo Boss sweater with a V-neck, striped border and its superior quality will keep you warm while reflecting your relaxed attitude. Cole Haan’s newest design in the light shoe market is made with a breathable membrane so that your feet stay fresh and comfortable (a bit like your slippers after all... but more sophisticated).

Blue V-neck  BOSS sweaterBlue Cole Haan Shoes  Man in jeans and blazer

Complete your look with a great pair of jeans. Any style will do as long as they fit your body well. If you’re unsure, ask for advice to see which cut is best for you. 34 Heritage has several styles of jeans to suit everyone's tastes. They are characterized by maximum stretch and a slimmer silhouette.


Dressing For A Restaurant On February 14

Dining out on Valentine's Day is often a common choice for couples. What’s better than enjoying a delicious meal at your favourite restaurant with the person you love the most. Perfect combo, isn't it? But how do you live up to your partner's expectations and show them how much effort you have put on this romantic evening?

Shirts and suits will be your best friends to help you dress for Valentine's Day. Eton shirts are made from high quality fabrics and can be neutral or with patterns that are specially designed in Stockholm or Italy. They also have a wide choice of colors and styles, ranging from casual shirts to dress shirts. The latter can also be worn with a tie for a contemporary or classic look.

Pair your shirt with a comfortable, refined suit that is made in breathable fibers like wool and silk. The Hugo Boss suit has 3 different pieces: a waistcoat with 4 buttons, a jacket, and slim pants for a complete look. However, if you don't like the total look, feel free to take off the vest, or wear nice jeans with the vest and/or jacket. Très Chic!

Shirt and tie on red backgroundBlue BOSS 3 piece suit

How To Wear A Tuxedo Jacket

You've got great game. And you're right, your love will be delighted to spend the evening with you! For several months now, you have been planning this evening. You hope that everything goes well so that the person in front of you knows how much they mean to you.

For you, there is no price for this evening. You do everything to create the smile you’ve been waiting for! Take out your best outfit - the tuxedo.  The tuxedo is back in fashion and is often worn to elevate special occasions.

Model in tux and jeans

Tuxedos now come in many styles and cuts. Sure, you look great in your tux jacket and pants, but what about a slightly less formal look?  Try pairing your tux jacket with a pair of slim, dark jeans and a button up shirt.  Or bring out your inner rock star and pair it with a vintage looking black or white graphic tee. Your partner will love your confidence!

With these different looks, we promise that you won't have to convince the love of your life to spend another Valentine's Day with you!

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