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Colour Themed Wedding


Men tend to have an easier time for formal events. After all, the classic black suit is suave and sophisticated for any occasion. However, there comes a time when there's a wedding that involves more colours due to the theme or the venue. Colourful suits become a viable option during these events and there are several options to choose from. Blue is always available for those with more formal tastes, while pink or even burgundy are always splendid for the more daring.


Jack Victor makes vibrant suits for the modern urbane gentleman. They have a daffodil coloured suit jacket that can be paired with their pink trousers. A blue pocket square and a cream coloured shirt will be the perfect accomplices for this ensemble. This suit will be perfect for any outdoor wedding with fuchsia and gardenia all around.


Tiger of Sweden is poised with the ideal suit that Neal Caffrey would be proud of. Their simple blue suit is the envy of the town. It's a royal blue that will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd, but also align more with the traditional black suit. This would be the Don Draper to the Jack Victor's Brad Goreski.


Grey suits seem very blasé, but they can truly be conspicuous with the right tie. Boss Black sells ties of all colours and patterns that range from Diamond Grid to Ornate Pattern. Gradients and a plain Pindot are also available for those who just want to add a pop of colour with their suit. No matter which suit you choose, the colours will make you unique among the guests.