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Casual Fridays: Sweater Weather Essentials for Work


Casual Fridays are the most dazzling days of the week. Not only can you relax before the weekend, but it’s a day in which you can showcase your personal style. With so many options available from different brands, it can be difficult to find items that strike the balance between appropriate and comfort. However, sweaters are the ideal option no matter who you are due to their refined shape and luxurious feel. Simply pair the following essentials for a comfy and sophisticated outfit.

You may have gone out on a Thursday night and woken up completely exhausted. The Dante Half Zip from Robert Barakett is the item for you. Designed with a convenient zipper, you can just pull the sweater over your head and wear them with a pair of jeans before you head out the door. This is an outfit that will ensure that you are comfortable and embark upon your day with athleisure flair.


For a versatile option that can go with anything, yet offer dashing impressions, the G-Star RAW Jayvi Knit Sweater is crucial. Crafted with minimalist cotton and knitted from two shades of yarn, it will keep you warm and offer finesse to your ensemble. It’s the quintessential item for dressing down a pair of chinos and made to add subtle refinement to classic jeans.


Dress shirts don’t have to be stuffy as there are vibrant patterns to choose from. This Blake French Dress Shirt from Franco Negretti is designed with a multicolour interior and a geometric exterior for a dimensional look. For a more classic pattern, you can try the Xavier Cobalt Dress Shirt or the Eton's Navy Gingham Twill Dress Shirt. Their intricate designs create a striking look so that you look dapper at your most comfortable.