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Boss Green Shoes: Athleticism Meets Formal


Athleisure has taken casual to a whole new level and formal dress codes are nothing like it used to be. In fact, comfort has taken centre stage in every aspect of life. Sneakers are worn with suits, bombers align with dresses, and snapbacks go with just about everything. Boss Green shoes embody this casual sentiment to create durable sneakers that go with just about every occasion you can think of.

Boat shoes are casual and formal at once. You can wear them to work, the patio, and a run to the grocery store. These Seadream Boat Shoes are reminiscent of the nautical east coast. One thinks of Cape Code and Nantucket in these beauties. Hampton Labour Day parties are only a step away in these noteworthy pieces.


The Akeen sneakers are sophisticated and serendipitous at once. Made of suede and faux leather, these shoes were meant for the gritty and the suave. T-shirts or a suit jacket are the perfect companion for this eclectic piece. Bowties are welcomed to be the perfect accessory for these pair of shoes.


Autumn weather calls for a bit more thermodynamics. These Velocity Runn Skyn sneakers combine breathable knit uppers and imitates sportswear so that wearers don’t have to sacrifice active lifestyle for fashion. Boss Green is all about incorporating style into your life no matter where you go.