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Best Graduation Suit Styles For Men

Graduation season is soon, which means family festivities, tons of pictures and celebrations with friends. Congrats! You are finally receiving this long-awaited diploma which brings you closer to manhood!  You’ve made it, no more weeks of pulling all-nighters, endless essays to write and lectures to attend.

Whether you are graduating from secondary, high school, CEGEP, university… you have worked hard for this diploma and deserve to look amazing for this special day. You want to make a good impression in the presence of your family (who has encouraged you all these years) and in front of your peers. So, how should you dress for your graduation celebration?

Graduation Suit Ideas

The suit is the most popular graduation style for men. If you don’t want to go wrong, you could go for a classic look such as a black suit with a white shirt but there is a chance of getting “lost in the gown.” If you want to keep a formal look, opt for matching your shirt and suit, which is a big trend for Spring 2020. The monochromatic look is in vogue, and it’s anything but boring. Hello, sexy!

Young man wearing a champagne colored suittwo men standing on stairs  in suits

There are also plenty of other styles to distinguish you from your classmates. You could go for an eye-catching look with a mix and match suit. With your creativity, the sky’s the limit! For a fresh summer and modern appearance, you can choose lighter colors such as light grey, beige, white, or blue suit. Pink is also a big for this spring and is a hot, attractive look for men. Other more original colors like green, orange, or mauve definitely make for long-lasting graduation impressions.

The Graduation Tuxedo

Graduation is one of the most important days in your academic path, and you want to look the perfect part. Why not choose a modern classic, the tuxedo?

The tuxedo is similar to a suit, but more pizzazz. It has a satin trim on the lapels and a skinny stripe down the pant leg. With a look so chic that will enhance your silhouette, you will be a sensation!!

The most important thing is to get a good fitting. You could wear a tuxedo or a purple suit with green dots, it does not matter, as long as you wear it correctly and feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

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Man wearing gray tux with bow tieBlue tux with satin lapels

Graduation Shoes For Men

Choices, choices, choices.  What’s your graduation style? Loafers and slip-on shoes in suede or leather will be your best option. Pair them perfectly with trousers which must stop at the ankles.

The big question is ‘’with or without socks?’’. Without socks, gives you minimalist and clean look. If you’d rather wear them with socks, choose something that shows off your personality.  It’s important you feel comfortable in your shoes for hours and that they give you confidence when walking across the stage.

Brown and black fancy tuxedo shoesLoafer style mens shoes with no socksBrown shoes displayed looking down on a rock

Oxford shoes are also pair great with a graduation suit. They distinguish themselves from any other dressing shoes thanks to their lacing system. To perfectly complete your look, you could also choose a brogue shoe, which have decorative perforations, for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Graduation Accessories For Men

Be creative! A pocket square is a small, lightweight accessory that will upgrade your graduation look in a fun but classy way. Why not wear a pocket square or cufflinks to the colors of your school? Your gang of friends can do the same to match, and also make your school proud.

Choose a tie or bowtie, depending on which look you are going for. Try keeping consistency between your pocket square and the bow/tie. Match them or choose something complimentary like an orange tie and an orange pocket square with dots. Hey, good-looking! Finally, put on this pair of sunglasses when going outside, they will protect your eyes, and give you a super-hot ‘007’ look!

Blue cufflink on arm of well dressed manWell dressed man standing on rock outside

Voilà! Now that you’re going to be the best dressed at graduation, put on your famous cap and gown, bring out the champagne and celebrate the big occasion!

Graduation hats thrown in the air