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A Gentleman's Guide to Pants - Different Fits for Different Men

Pants are essential to every man’s ensemble. After all, they are part of every imaginable work outfit and are found on tuxedos or suits as well. They affect other people’s perceptions of your shirt and their overall impression of your personality. However, there are so many fits and styles available that it can be difficult to find the right ones. Whether you are on your way to brunch or you have an important meeting, the right pants will ensure that you garner proper recognition from those you want to impress.


It’s critical that your pants fit properly because the wrong fit can detract from the incredible materials or the styles that are involved. Tuxedo or suit pants’ waistbands should fall on top of the hip bone. You should aim for a slightly more conservative fit since these are worn during formal occasions. It should drape onto the lower part of your body without being too loose or too tight. Moreover, the leg opening should fall just right below the ankle. Citadin and Riviera offers the perfect selection of dress pants for your special events.


Corduroys such as the 34 Heritage Chris require a medium or small break to produce the perfect look. Break is a pants term that refers to the creasing that occurs as fabric rests on one’s shoes. Loose breaks tend to be sloppy and unnecessarily produces a bell bottom feel for your outfit. You want to produce a sophisticated look even if they are for casual events. Corduroys look best with boat shoes and dress shirts from brands such as Lipson and G-Star.


Lines are imperative when you select a pair of jeans. The jeans should fit consistently throughout your leg, rather than have it loose at the top and tight at the bottom or vice versa. Full breaks are the best for jeans to allow for cuffing to produce an easy impromptu appearance. Hugo Boss polos and t-shirts are perfect for your pair of jeans.