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A Gentleman’s Guide to Shorts: Tips and Tricks for this Summer Essential


Shorts have become a wardrobe essential for warm weather and casual outdoor settings such as the golf course. However, this has not always been the case as this piece was only meant for young boys until recently. In fact, there is still some stigma attached to these particular pants. Many men find them uncomfortable since they have a reputation for adding bulk around the waist. They are also inappropriate for formal occasions, which is why most men don’t feel the need to invest in pair. Have no fear though because with these basic tips in mind, you will look sleek in no time.

Choose shorts with an appropriate length for your body. The length of any item of clothing can determine how you look overall. As a matter of fact, I am sure everyone has cringed when they saw those extremely short gym shorts from the 1980s. While they are great for mobility, they do favours for anyone aesthetically as you need very particular type of legs to pull them off. The ideal length is nothing more than two or three inches above the knee because anything that is longer will do the opposite of the gym shorts and make you look overwhelming.



Shorts are always better fitted than loose. Unless you are working out, you should steer clear of baggy shorts because they have the tendency to add bulk to your waist and make you look thicker than you are. With this in mind, anything too fitted would also feel really tight on the body and may make you feel self-conscious of the way you look. The best type of shorts are close fit in the seat and feature a straight leg design. While fit is often dependent on a person’s taste, this style is the most versatile and looks the best on most men.

The less pockets the better. Pockets are important because you need a place to store your phone and wallet, but they are often the type of compartments that lend a voluminous silhouette. Unless you are hiking, you should opt for shorts with no more than four pockets such as the classic front side slash pockets and back welt pockets. Regardless of your style, shorts are a great wardrobe addition that can be worn with anything from a blazer to a casual polo.