Winter 2020

Graduation season is soon, which means family festivities, tons of pictures and celebrations with friends. Congrats! You are finally receiving this long-awaited diploma which brings you closer to manhood!  You’ve made it, no more weeks of pulling all-nighters, endless essays to write and lectures to attend. Whether you are graduating from secondary, high school, CEGEP, […]

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and you might be feeling caught in a whirlwind of roses and red-themed gifts in the shops. Many of you might say ‘’Oh come on, it’s only a commercial holiday!’’ but your significant other is probably waiting for a little attention on this day. So, what to wear on this […]

Winter is in full gear. But before you know it, flowers will start to bloom, buds will appear on trees, and warm days by the pool will return. Spring also announces the busiest season for weddings. The tuxedo is the ultimate in masculine elegance. A classic worn for that special day, it must be as […]