Tuxedos are always a great option when you need to attend a formal event. When they are tailored to suit your frame and selected in the right colour, it can truly elevate your personal aesthetic. Since it is graduation and wedding season, it is time to take on new trends that will enliven your appearance. […]

Regarded as a timeless essential, suits are the simplest way for men to appear refined. However, a poorly fitted suit is the quickest way to appear unpolished or sloppy. Everyone has seen the effects of an ill-fitting suit — the jacket might be too baggy or the pants were sagging over the shoes. It can […]

Striking in its lustrous construction, velvet has made a splashy comeback like never before. It was seen on Jason Momoa who wore a blush pink variation at the 2019 Oscars and even Chris Evans took on this striking trend with an emerald green approach. No longer considered an outdated trend, this sumptuous fabric has become […]

Elevate your wardrobe with bold silhouettes and patterns this season. Once considered the back burner of the fashion world, menswear shows have dominated the industry’s consciousness. Ever so daring in its visual construction, menswear has become more experimental than ever. Whether you prefer structural outerwear, striking tailoring on suits, or noteworthy colours, these are the […]

David Beckham has become one of the most iconic athletes in the world. Renowned for his world record goals and his good looks, his personal style is not lost on anyone with refined tastes. He always manages to make casual look edgy, while adding personal touches to classic outfits to achieve a suave aesthetic that […]

Winter provokes thoughts of parkas, wool coats and boots. Not only are they necessary to keep you warm as you brave the elements, but they are integral to your personal outwear style. While these pieces are important to your overall aesthetic, accessories can elevate your look in a practical manner. Gloves prevent dry hands, while […]

Menswear accessories are often discussed in terms of ties, hats and maybe even scarves. However, a striking watch or even a bracelet can truly elevate your look. Not only are they signifiers of your tastes, but they are also an indication of your personal style. They may seem like minor pieces, but they often possess […]

It’s time to find the most on-trend gifts for the men in your life this holiday season. While most gifts have to be thoughtful, practicality ensures that they will actually use the present in their daily lives. Think about their interests and their habits to help you get started on your list this year. Whether […]

Athleisure is no longer just a trend, but a lifestyle that influences every facet of culture. Casual dressing has been elevated ever since street style has made an immense impact on the runways. It has become the norm to merge high fashion with understated pieces, which is why sneakers are now coveted accessories. While this […]

Jackets are integral to any autumn wardrobe due to the gusty winds and chilly atmosphere. Despite the temptation to simply pile on layers, we know you still want to remain dapper. While everyone has that statement piece they covet, it is important to diversify your style and to have options so that you can look […]